York Class of 65

To update your info, for moves, new email addresses, new cell number, etc, please send to Kathy Wilson at kw472@comcast.net

We do KNOW the whereabouts for some but have no email addresses; plus some of you are Really Missing--If you are in contact with any of these classmates please have them email kw472@comcast.net with their current information.  P.S.  there could be some on here in error!


A Big Thank You!!!!



Please help us find these classmates: If you know how to find or have info about them please click here.

Maiden or Last Name

Robert A. Aldrich

Jim A. Balluff

Jackie Beck

John Biancalana

Martin John Biancalana

Richard A. Boldon

Douglas W. Broker

James M. Carney

William P. Coughlan

Kathleen  Coyner

Alexander Theodore De Parry

Linda  Downing

Carol Dragisic

Linda  Drysdale

John W Fowler

Allen J. Ghimenti

Fred Gloff

Nancy  Gustaf

Joe Hanks

Tom Hickey

Albert E. Holmes

John R. Holstrom

Sue  Huss

Dick A. Janzen

Paul C. Jensen

Linda  Kleinedler

Judy Klingberg

Alan Carl Krempels

Lawrence E. Krengel


Paul Larsen

Barb Landney

Pat  Lindsey

Timothy J. Lomperis

Richard H. Lovell

Michael David McDonough

Jean McManamin


Dennis  Mraz

Bruce C. Muza

Darlene K. Naugle

Thomas J. O'Connell

Diane Omel

Randy J. Osowski

Cynthia Parker

Ed Pazdziora

Jean Pesowich

Ted Piontkowski

Bill A. Ramsay

Ellyn M. Schoen

Carol Schulz

Joanne  Sgotta

Pat Stover

Robert H. Strasser

Dick Wenk

Michael J. Wilbur

Craig R. Wunderlich

Lynda Zimmerman